Indonesia’s National Police, TNI win praise for peaceful inauguration

police and TNI dispatched a joint team of 24,815 personnel

The committee of President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s inauguration party has praised the National Police and the Indonesian Military (TNI) for their success in securing Jokowi’s inauguration and the so-called “people’s party” held after the ceremony on Oct. 20, when thousands of people took to the streets to cheer the new President.

More than 45,000 turned up on Monday for the street party and an evening music concert dedicated to Jokowi and Vice President Jusuf Kalla.

On inauguration day, the police and TNI dispatched a joint team of 24,815 personnel to secure the House of Representatives compound, the Presidential Palace and Jakarta’s main thoroughfares between Semanggi and the National Monument (Monas), where the celebrations took place.

One of the most challenging tasks for the security personnel was to ensure the safety of Jokowi and Kalla when they rode in a horse-drawn carriage through a sea of revelers during a parade from the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle to Monas, as Jokowi and Kalla occasionally tried to shake the hands of their supporters.

The committee also praised revelers for an incident-free celebration.

National Police chief Gen. Sutarman, also speaking at the event, said that the absence of serious incidents between the April 9 legislative election and the presidential inauguration showed that the country’s democracy had matured.

“This has been an astounding lesson in democracy, the world now can learn from Indonesia [about elections and security measures]. Several countries, including Myanmar, have asked to meet me to learn about the security measures for this democratic process,” he said.

As the presidential inauguration process in Jakarta was complete, at the ceremony Sutarman sent 2,100 Mobile Brigade (Brimob) personnel from 12 regional police forces back to their bases.

(Reference: The Jakarta Post)


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