“HENDO” Is A Real Hoverboard That Lets You Glide An Inch Off The Ground


In the 1980s, the future was all about hoverboards (thanks in great part to Back to the Future II) and yet 30 years later, they’re still practically non-existent. However, Greg and Jill Henderson of Hendo Hover are looking to change that with HENDO—a real hoverboard that uses magnetic fields to levitate off the ground. They have a functioning prototype that can hover one inch above special surfaces that are non-ferromagnetic conductors.

Hendo Hover is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the hoverboard’s production. Even though it has reached it $250k goal, Hendo is still accepting funding until December 15th to help perfect their technology, allowing users to glide on any surface, and designing a hoverpark for current use.



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