Colombian fisherman survived two days in Pacific Ocean

Footage from the Colombian Navy shows the moment when coastguard sailors, who were running drills in the area, found him floating 35km from the coast.

A man has been rescued from the sea in Colombia after spending two nights in the open ocean by clinging to a Styrofoam icebox after his boat capsized.

Solano Salazar was fishing with a friend last Friday, when their boat capsized forcing him to cling to a foam cooler in order to stay afloat.

After the men and their possessions were thrown into the water, Mr Salazar grabbed the nearest buoyant object he could find – clinging on to the icebox for 48 hours until the crew of a passing Colombian naval vessel chanced upon him while carrying out drills in the remote stretch of ocean.

Describing his ordeal, Mr Salazar said: ”I am OK now because the navy rescued me. I thought I was going to die. I didn’t think about anything else.’

Miraculous: Solano Salazar, 47, survived two nights in the open ocean by clinging to a Styrofoam icebox

He added that he feels much better now he is back on dry land.

As well as incredible coincidence of a naval vessel happening to pass through the remote stretch of ocean and spotting him, Mr Salazar was also fortunate that shortly after the winds overturned his fishing boat, the weather became relatively calm, ensuring he wasn’t drowned by massive waves.

Speaking of the rescue effort, the commander of Colombia’s Pacific coast guard, Captain Andres Mejia, said: ‘The person was rescued and taken to the Malaga hospital. He was given first aid.’

‘He was dehydrated and according to what he said, they left on Friday from the Guapi area to fish with another person and they were turned over in bad weather,’ he added.

Reference: BBC, dailymail


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