Japan and China agree to continue dialogue over island dispute


China said Friday it reached agreement with Japan to ramp up high-level contacts, the strongest indication yet of a possible meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinxing and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at next week’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit.

China’s Foreign Ministry said the two sides agreed to “gradually resume political, diplomatic and security dialogues.”

China froze high-level contacts more than two years ago amid a dispute over uninhabited East China Sea islands and other contentious issues.

In a statement on its website, China’s Foreign Ministry said the sides acknowledged their “different positions” on the islands, called Diayu by China and Senkaku by Japan.

That implied a degree of compromise on both sides.

“It would be extremely significant for us to show the rest of the world our efforts to fulfill our responsibilities for the region’s peace and prosperity,” Abe said to Tokyo’s Yasukuni Shrine. “I believe everyone wants us to put an end to tensions between Japan and China.”

Reference: Associated Press, Reuters, AFP News, CNBC, The Canadian Press


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