Stormscapes 2: From Rainbows to Tornadoes

“High plains storms are some of the most beautiful and wild in the world,” says Nicolaus Wegner.

Nicolaus Wegner, a photographer based in central Wyoming, spent 5 months from May – September 2014 photographing all types of severe weather in Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Colorado.

This time lapse project is a result of that effort. From rainbows to tornadoes, there is a little bit of everything in here.

Nicolaus Wegner works together with his wife, Daow Wegner, as photographers under their company label, LightAlive Photography. 

Their photography works include commercial, portrait, high school senior, wedding, bridal, or engagement sessions and prints.

“In regards to my scenic/nature photography, I won’t get all third person and artsy on you. Don’t need an extensive artist’s statement to explain how much I love photography and the state of Wyoming. It is my hope that the photos will speak for themselves.”


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