Mash Up creates a new culture. some define it…

What is mash up?

“Mashup” refers to a wide-spread digital media practice that takes existing works—popular songs, films, television programs, texts, web data, etc.—and recombines what often appears to be incompatible source material in different (re)configurations to fabricate new products that are arguably greater than the sum of their parts”

“We have this intuitive notion of creativity, of this brilliant genius who creates something totally new and wows everybody. And what you’re saying in Everything Is a Remix is that’s not the case, that people always have influences and are putting things together that existed before in new ways. So, what is creativity? What is that spark that would differentiate a new song — as opposed to a great cover? “

It’s copying, then transforming and combining. I think that is creativity. Whether something is good or bad or revolutionary or derivative is about how much work you put into it, how long you’ve been doing it, how sophisticated the combinations are, how inspired the combinations are. If you’re sticking to a certain realm and you’re not really getting broad influences into what you’re doing, then I think your outcomes are going to be limited.

Here take a look of my favorite mashup : DJ earworm 2009. feels like travel back in time 🙂




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