Palm reading: helps better understand your personality

Palm reading, otherwise known as palmistry or chiromancy, is practiced all over the world.

Part 1 of 2: Deciphering the LinesRead Palms Step 1.jpg

  1. Choose a hand.
    • For females, the right hand is what you’re born with, and left is what you’ve accumulated throughout your life.
    • For males, it is the other way around.
  2. Read Palms Step 2.jpgIdentify the four major lines.
    • (1) The heart line
    • (2) The head line
    • (3) The life line
    • (4) The fate line (only some have this).
  3. Interpret the heart line.
    • Begins below the index finger – content with love life
      Read Palms Step 3Bullet1.jpg
    • Begins below the middle finger – selfish when it comes to love
      Read Palms Step 3Bullet2.jpg
    • Begins in the middle – falls in love easily
      Read Palms Step 3Bullet3.jpg
    • Straight and short – less interest in romance
      Read Palms Step 3Bullet4.jpg
    • Touches life line – heart broken easily
      Read Palms Step 3Bullet5.jpg
    • Long and curvy – freely expresses emotions and feelings
      Read Palms Step 3Bullet6.jpg
    • Straight and parallel to the head line – good handle on emotions
      Read Palms Step 3Bullet7.jpg
    • Wavy – many relationships and lovers, absence of serious relationships
      Read Palms Step 3Bullet8.jpg
    • Circle on the line – sadness or depression
      Read Palms Step 3Bullet9.jpg
    • Broken line – emotional trauma
      Read Palms Step 3Bullet10.jpg
    • Smaller lines crossing through heart line – emotional trauma
      Read Palms Step 3Bullet11.jpg
  4. Examine the head line.
    • Short line – prefers physical achievements over mental ones
      Read Palms Step 4Bullet1.jpg
    • Curved, sloping line – creativity
      Read Palms Step 4Bullet2.jpg
    • Separated from life line – adventure, enthusiasm for life
      Read Palms Step 4Bullet3.jpg
    • Wavy line – short attention span
      Read Palms Step 4Bullet4.jpg
    • Deep, long line – thinking is clear and focused
      Read Palms Step 4Bullet5.jpg
    • Straight line – thinks realistically
      Read Palms Step 4Bullet6.jpg
    • Donuts or cross in head line – emotional crisis
      Read Palms Step 4Bullet7.jpg
    • Broken head line – inconsistencies in thought
      Read Palms Step 4Bullet8.jpg
    • Multiple crosses through head line – momentous decisions.
      Read Palms Step 4Bullet9.jpg
  5. Evaluate the life line.

    • Runs close to thumb – often tired
      Read Palms Step 5Bullet1.jpg
    • Curvy – plenty of energy
      Read Palms Step 5Bullet2.jpg
    • Long, deep – vitality
      Read Palms Step 5Bullet3.jpg
    • Short and shallow – manipulated by others
      Read Palms Step 5Bullet4.jpg
    • Swoops around in a semicircle – strength and enthusiasm
      Read Palms Step 5Bullet5.jpg
    • Straight and close to the edge of the palm – cautious when it comes to relationships
      Read Palms Step 5Bullet6 Version 2.jpg
    • Multiple life lines – extra vitality
      Read Palms Step 5Bullet7.jpg
    • Circle in line indicates – hospitalized or injured
      Read Palms Step 5Bullet8.jpg
    • Break – sudden change in lifestyle
      Read Palms Step 5Bullet9.jpg
  6. Study the fate line.

    • Deep line – strongly controlled by fate
      Read Palms Step 6Bullet1.jpg
    • Breaks and changes of direction – prone to many changes in life from external forces
      Read Palms Step 6Bullet2.jpg
    • Starts joined to life line – self-made individual; develops aspirations early on
      Read Palms Step 6Bullet3.jpg
    • Joins with the life line around in the middle – signifies a point at which one’s interests must be surrendered to those of others
      Read Palms Step 6Bullet4.jpg
    • Starts at base of thumb and crosses life line – support offered by family and friends.
      Read Palms Step 6Bullet5.jpg

Part 2 of 2: Interpreting the Hands, Fingers, etc.

  1. Read Palms Step 7.jpg

    Determine the hand shape.

    • Earth
      • Solid values & energy,  sometimes stubborn
      • Practical & responsible, sometimes materialistic
      • Work with their hands, comfortable with the tangible
    • Air
      • Sociable, talkative and witty
      • Can be shallow, spiteful and cold
      • Comfortable with the mental & the intangible
      • Does things in different and radical ways
    • Water
      • Creative, perceptive and sympathetic
      • Can be moody, emotional and inhibited
      • Introverts
      • Do things quietly and intuitively.
    • Fire
      • Spontaneous, enthusiastic and optimistic
      • Sometimes egoistic, impulsive and insensitive
      • Extroverts
      • Do things boldly and instinctively.
  2. Read Palms Step 8.jpg

    Look at the mounts.

    • A high Venus mount indicates a predisposition for hedonism, promiscuity, and the need for instant gratification. A non-existent Venus mount indicates little interest in family matters.
    • Jupiter mount means you are dominant, possibly self-centered, and aggressive. A lack of one means you lack confidence.
    • Saturn mount shows you’re stubborn, cynical, and prone to depression. If it is low, it’s an indicator of superficiality and disorganization.
    • High Sun mount shows quick-tempered, extravagant, and prideful . A low Sun mount means lack imagination.
    • The Mercury mount means protruding, you talk too much. A low mount means the opposite — you’re shy.
  3. Read Palms Step 9.jpg

    Examine the hand and finger size.

    • This is relative to the body.
    • Long fingers may be an indicator of anxiety, in addition to being well-mannered, good looking, and delicate. Short fingers are found on those who are impatient, highly-sexed, and creative.
    • Long fingernails, mean you’re kind and a good secret-keeper. Short fingernails mean you’re critical and sarcastic. If they’re almond-shaped, you’re sweet and diplomatic.



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