Puma Leads in The Race for Toxic-Free Sportswear

Puma ahead of the pack

Out of the four big sportswear brands urged to take the challenge and Detox, we can now name the leader of the pack: Puma.

Today, the German sportswear brand has announced it really is “forever faster” with an updated commitment (in German) to eliminate PFCs from 100% of its products. It has also thrown its supply chain open to review: Puma will publish discharge data from 80% of its global suppliers by the end of 2014!

Winning the race to Detox

You might recall in June, that a wave of people-powered action got adidas to get back on side too. adidas promised to clean 99% of its products, while Nike and Li Ning don’t even have a plan of action to Detox.

Puma’s agreement to ban PFCs sends an incredibly strong signal to other sports and outdoor brands that are heavy users of these chemicals: another way is possible. Detox.

When thousands of people around the world demanded Adidas stop green washing, it sent a powerful message across the industry: we need more than paper commitments.

We demand urgent action! 

PFCs are dirty, nasty little monsters used to make things like shoes, swimsuits, outdoor gear and clothing water and stain resistant. Theis group of hazardous chemicals are polluting our rivers and lakes while some of them can even impact on human reproduction systems.

For those of you who need visual description of PFCs, here’s a little animation:

The textile industry remains one of the biggest polluting sectors in China, where about half of the rural population has no access to drinking water that meets international standards. PFCs are everywhere and it’s time to stop using them. 

Source: http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/news/Blogs/makingwaves/puma-toxic-free-sport/blog/51420/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=post&utm_term=blog,puma,detox,good%20news&utm_campaign=Detox&__surl__=IgH8w&__ots__=1416733271651&__step__=1


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