Jesus will stand in Toraja, Indonesia: taller than rio de janerio

70228001 Christ-the-Redeemer-Brazil patung burake yesus kristus

This article first appeared in Toraja, a province in South Sulawesi of Indonesia well known for its exotic and wonderful scenery. Even Suharto, the second president of Indonesia said that Toraja is the second popular tourism place after Bali. Before monetary crisis in 1998, Toraja is really popular among tourist especially those from Europe; therefore the number of tourist every year is increasing, said The governor of Toraja, Theolifilus Allorerung when receiving people from Famtrip Destination Management Organization (DMO) in Makale, Tuesday (18/11/2014).

According to Theolifilus, besides cultural tourism that is provided by Toraja, there is also religious tourism. The province governor plans to build the highest Jesus Christ statue. That huge statue will be built 40 meters in height in Burake chest. This statue is said to be taller than Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


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