Jokowi Plants Sago in Villager’s Garden; Kicks Off New Environmental Program

Earlier today, newly elected president Jokowi visits the suburb area of Tohor River, Riau to inspect its environmental conditions.

At 8 AM, two Super Puma helicopters arrived at the aforementioned area. Indonesian president Joko Widodo stepped out of the helicopters, accompanied by his wife Iriana Widodo, Minister of Forestry Siti Nurbaya, and several other government officials. All the residents of the area crowded around their president. It was the first time any Indonesian president came to visit their town.

During his visit, Jokowi emphasized on the importance of protecting the peat. He stated that peat is vital to the ecosystem, so he will take several measures to ensure that the area has sufficient conservation. He also remarked that the forest fire problem, which has been an ongoing issue for seventeen years, would no longer happen as long as the peat conditions are maintained properly.

Jokowi took a moment to talk to the villagers, and then visited their sago gardens. Sago gardening is the main source of income for most of the residents. Jokowi then dug up a hole and planted some sago seeds in resident Wak Nongmel’s garden. He claimed that he will return in five years to check the growth of his sago plant.

Along with the Minister of Forestry, they established a number of environmental tasks in the area, including a dam-building project.

Jokowi addressed the crowd that was following him by requesting that they take care of the environment to prevent future forest fires. The large amount of people, which had children in their school uniform in it, enthusiastically agreed.

Sources: GreenpeaceIndonesia@YouTube, Greenpeace Indonesia, Jelajah Riau, Riau Terkini
Written by: beckyisjwara
The Justist


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