The Most Amazing Images in Science This Week

Each week Live Science seek the most interesting and informative articles we can and along the way we uncover amazing and cool images. From images of a rare anglerfish of the deep to the uncovering of an ancient cemetery, from the discovery of an unknown Roman god to a improving the treatment for type 1 Diabetes — here you’ll discover 10 incredible photos and the stories behind them.

Beauty in death

An ancient cemetery - silk road

Nearly 2,000 years ago along an ancient trade route, a cemetery was made and only recently was it discovered. Many of the tombs were used multiple times but they were beautifully adorned and decorated with mythical creatures representing the seasons and parts of the heavens.

A rare sight

A Sri Lankan keelback snake bites a man on the back of his hand.

In Sri Lanka, a biologist doing field work took the opportunity to photograph a rare snake species, the Sri Lankan keelback, and unexpectedly got some other rare photos — the snake struck his hand at the moment photo was snapped.

A long way from home

Grand Canyon wolf

Recently, officials confirmed that the first gray wolf in over 70 years has been sited multiple times at the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Conservationists are very excited about the prospect of the species spreading back into their former habitats.

Creepy video

Anglerfish Teeth

A remotely operated vehicle (ROV) captured the first known video of an anglerfish, also known as the “black seadevil.” The rarely seen fish was photographed, videoed and captured for further study.

An unknown god

unknown god

In Turkey, sculptures of a mysterious Roman deity have been uncovered in an ancient temple. The 1st century B.C. relief is in an area that has been continuously setteled and a crossroads for multiple cultures for millenia.

New Lava Lake

Nyamuragira lava lake

Nyamuragira, Africa’s most active volcano, has spawned a lava lake for the first time in three-quarters of a century. Volcanologists believe the lake, which now is filling and draining, will be a permant part of the volcano over the next few decades.

Taking the best care

hammerhead shark, measuring tape

Researchers tagged three juvenile scalloped hammerhead sharks in an effort to better understand and protect these endangered sharks. One of the things revealed was that these sharks often swim outside of protected areas.

Improving Diabetes treatments

An artificial pancreas

A new study of adults and teens with type 1 diabetes compared conventional insulin-pump therapy to two types of artifical pancreas. Researchers, using data from the study, confirm the artificial pancreas systems are better at controlling blood sugars and reducing the risk of hypoglycemia.

An unexpected find

A fossilized shark's tooth

On a search for mammal fossils on Canada’s Banks Island, researchers were surprised to find more than 8,000 teeth from four diffent species of ancient sharks. The unexpected find and the lack of diversity of the fossils led investigators to learn more about the environment, climate, temperatures and ocean conditions in order to better understand their findings.

Mysterious mineral

A thin section of a Tenham meteorite reveals a vein of bridgmanite.

Bridgmanite, thought to be the most abundant mineral on Earth, has been sought for decades in meteorites. Mineralogist Oliver Tschauner, believes the reason it has yet to be found is the manner in which scientists have been searching for it.

Source: livescience


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