Christmas present: Indonesia will experience 4G next year, said communication ministry


The 2013 TD-LTE summit is underway in Jakarta Indonesia. The summit will showcase some of the most advance technologies in the 4G network and has attracted operators around the globe as they each try and grab a piece of the up-and-coming 4G space in Indonesia.

TD-LTE stands for Time-Division Long-Term Evolution. It’s quite a mouthful, but it’s the latest technology in the 4G mobile telecommunications space that is fast spreading into Asian countries, such as China, India and Japan.

Now, Indonesia is ready for this latest generation of technology. 62 percent of local residents use mobile phones to surf the net, doubling data flow in the past two years. This is causing operators in Indonesia to seek a faster network with broader bandwidth to satisfy Indonesia’s buzzing mobile and internet users.

“The 4G network has vast space for development in Indonesia,” president of Huawei Indonesia Li Wenzhi said, “the country has many twitter and facebook users, so the 3G network is becoming very limited. 4G has wider bandwidth, and it can provide a better experience for local users.”

The country’s largest telecommunication services company, Telkom Indonesia, says it plans to commercially start building 4G LTE later this year in four areas including Jakarta, Bali, Medan and Manado.

However, with the government scheduled to pass 4G regulations only by the end of this year, users may have to wait until at least 2014 to experience the joys of 4G.




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