10 random Fun facts about hong kong, a city full of bustle and hustle

  • Approximately 3/4 of of Hong Kong is rural, comprising of 24 country parks, scenic hills, woodlands, reservoirs and coastline easily accessible from the city.
  • The services industry accounts for 92.9 percent of Hong Kong’s GDP with 41.4 percent of its labour force employed in wholesale and retail trade, restaurants and hotels.
  • Feng Shui or Chinese geomancy plays a key role in shaping architecture, business and lifestyles in Hong Kong, so much so that the government had to compensate residents living around civil construction projects for disturbing their feng shui.
  • Mongkok has the world’s highest population density with an average of 130,000 people per square kilometre.
  •  It has the world’s most affordable Michelin star rates dishes at less than USD2 per dish.
  • It has the most skyscrapers in the world, with 8,000 buildings having more than 14 floors, almost double that of New York.
  • It has historically been the world’s leading city with the maximum number of Rolls-Royce luxury cars per capita. The largest single order of 14 Rolls-Royce Phantoms was by The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong.
  •  It has the highest IQ average at 107.
  • It is home to Kung Fu or martial arts movies and legends Bruce Lee and Jacky Chan.
  • It has been voted the “Best Business City in the World” and “Best Business City in Northeast Asia” for four and five consecutive years respectively in the annual readers’ poll organised by Business Traveller Asia Pacific magazine. It was also voted the “Favourite Business City in the World” by mainland Chinese travellers in the 2012 Business Traveller China Awards.

this story first appears in weekendnotes.com


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