Take a look at the far side of the moon in this new NASA video

If you’ve been curious about what the other side of the moon looks like, but have been too lazy to look up NASA’s findings on your own, this video has got you covered. Based on data from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, it gives us a close look at the more crater-filled side of the moon (which used to be called the “dark side”). You can see the Earth looming in the background, as well as what the moon’s phases look like from another angle. You’ll notice there are no smooth and dark spots (the lunar “maria” features seen from our perspective) — instead, we see the results of constant battering from space debris. That’s yet another reason we should be thankful the moon is out there watching our backs (in addition to helping to stabilize tidal forces).

This article first appear in the Huffington Post


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