Apple’s future car looks like: i-car play for mercedes




It appears like simply a week ago the world was mourning Apple’s loss of many specialists to Tesla, that upstart automaker down the road in Palo Alto. Also that is on account of it was simply a week ago, yet now the discussion has moved 180 degrees because of a Financial Times report. It expresses that Apple is making a progression of significant contracts from the auto world, making a “classified Silicon Valley area” to create… something. What’s more now, the WSJ and Reuters are pouring oil on the flame.

Among those contracts? Johann Jungwirth, who until as of late was President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America. His entry, in addition to talk of other car architects joining the positions all the more quietly, has quite a few people hypothesizing that Apple’s next one additionally thing will be an auto.

I won’t preclude Apple taking off something on wheels at some point not far off, however until further notice, the no doubt uses of this vehicular ability are a great deal more inconspicuous – yet conceivably a ton additionally intriguing.

this story first appear in Financial Times


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