why airplanes still have ash tray in cabins?

On a late flight from Dallas to New York, I perceived the plane restroom was furnished with a few “no smoking” signs and in addition a helpful ashtray. My first thought was that I was on a truly old plane since smoking has been banned on US household flights subsequent to 1990.

Inquisitive, I got some information about the ashtrays.

no smoking skitch

Amanda Macias/Business InsiderSeveral ‘no smoking’ signs and after that an ashtray in a plane.

“On the off chance that someone did choose to light up and afterward put their cigarette in the junk, well, the waste is all paper items, so the powder could begin a blaze,” Debbie, an American Airlines flight specialist, let me know.

Turns out that all aerial transports are needed by the Federal Aviation Administration to append an ashtray to the restroom entryway of each plane.

The FAA sorts restroom ashtrays as a major aspect of each plane’s “base gear,” implying that a broken ashtray must be accounted for and supplanted inside three days.

In 1973, 123 travelers kicked the bucket on Varig Flight 820 going from Rio de Janeiro to Paris when the lodge of a Boeing 707 loaded with smoke from a flame began by a cigarette.

The cigarette was discarded in the garbage container of the plane restroom, bringing about a significant fire in the back of the plane.

Forty-two years after the Varig Flight 820 catastrophe, here is an alternate indication of not to discard cigarettes in the refuse repository.
Read more:  http://www.businessinsider.com/airplane-ashtrays-in-the-bathroom-2015-2#ixzz3Sdosb3Zh


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